The experts at Jade Distribution have been making and offering locker room amenities since 1986! Please call us at any time to ask questions or place an order. A line of subheading text Our water cascades down the Sierra Nevada mountain range through a natural granite filter, the Truckee River. The source of this marvelous liquid is crystal clear Lake Tahoe, known as the most pristine water in the world. We further purify and filter this special ingredient and remove the positive and negative ions. This highly polished water is then infused with the highest quality botanical extracts, oils and other special ingredients from around the world. It is the water, and so much more. Jade Body Spa products have been created using high quality, coconut-based and natural castile soap. Each carefully selected item in our treatments are there for a reason, because they are excellent! At Jade, we are proud to offer the highest quality amenities and personal care products available today. We take great care to insure you get the value you deserve, on time, the first time and every time! We are an “Earth Friendly” company and we understand how important it is treat every drop of our products with TLC. We also understand how critical it is to treat our planet with the same care and respect. This is why we do our part to save, conserve and recycle whenever we can. We are committed to offering some of the best, environmentally-friendly products and we find that things work better for everyone when we do. Our Earth friendly concentrates will not only reduce waste and conserve our precious fuel, they will also save you money! About © 2017Jade Distribution, Inc  (800)785-5233 Jade Distribution, Inc. 245 Vine Street Reno, Nevada 89503 USA Ph -  775-786-4103 Toll Free -  800-785-Jade(5233) Fax - 775-786-5288 Toll Free - 800-486-3415 email - accounting - shipping -