The Cliff Hanger Dispensing system is designed to fit your individual needs and comes in single, double, triple, or quad configurations,  Cliff Hanger dispensers can be fit for gel, cream, spray, or foaming pump tops.  When ordering, please specify how you want your dispensers configured and what product you are intending on using in them.  This will ensure your dispensers are clearly labeled.  © 2017Jade Distribution, Inc  (800)785-5233 cliff hanger dispensing system Cliff Hanger Dispensing System Wall & Mirror Mount “Cliff Hanger Dispensers” Item# DSP-1 Top Pump Dispenser $11.34 each Item# DSP-2 Double Dispenser $22.70 each Item# DSP-3 Triple Dispenser $34.03 each Item# BP-1 Backplate $7.04   each Item# BP-2 Double Backplate $14.08 each Item# BP-3 Triple Backplate $21.12 each Item# 32-CHB Dispenser Bottle $5.50   each Item# 38M-PT   Extra Pump Top $2.69   each Item# 38M-12 Top Pumps (12 count) $29.45 per/dz use a removable key to lock the dispenser bottle to the backplate Cliff Hanger Beautification Covers Wall & Mirror Mount “Cliff Hanger FOAMING Dispensers” Each Cliff Hanger Foaming dispenser is sold as a single unit. The foaming bottles fit on our cliff hanger mounting brackets and can be configured any way you desire. Item# DSP-1F Top Pump Dispenser $11.34 each Cliff Hanger Foaming Dispensers Acrylic covers fit snugly on our “Cliff Hanger” dispensers. No extra installation required!   Covers are available in single, double, triple, and quad configuration. Get the look you want! Item# SAC-1 Single Cover $8   Item# DAC-2 Double Cover $16 Item# TAC- 3 Triple Cover $24 Item# QAC-4 Quad Cover $32