A line of subheading text hair brushes & combs vanity items © 2017Jade Distribution, Inc  (800)785-5233 At Jade, we understand you may want a specific type of brush, comb, sanitizer or other special items.  Please remember, we can get all types and are glad to stock them for you... Just let us know what you need! Hair Brushes by the Dozen Vented - Epoxy ball tip brushes Item# B87-11 $33.60 per/dz. Combs by the Case 144 count Our 7 1/4” styling combs work best in our comb jars. The 5” and 7” individually wrapped combs are great where jars are not used. Item# 725-CM 144-7.25” per/cs $26.57/cs Comb Jars glass #8 heavy duty comb jar Item# CMJ-8         $37.80 ea acrylic #7 long lasting comb jar Item# CMJ-7          $25.20 ea glass #4 light duty jar Item# CMJ-4      $18.38 ea   Comb Jar Disinfectant comb jar disinfectant concentrate Just one cap full of liquid per comb jar will keep combs clean. For use in our Marvy comb Jars. MARV-61 6-1/2gal $102.90 MARV-12 1-1/2 gal $20.74