© 2017Jade Distribution, Inc  (800)785-5233 shave cream ready-to-use Bulk Shave Cream Item# Product Name  Quantity Unit Price   Price/Gallon SG-03-55 Sure Glide Shave Cream 55 gallon drum $611.60 $11.12 SG-03-30 Sure Glide Shave Cream 30 gallon drum $422.40  $14.08 SG-03 Sure Glide Shave Cream 4   gallon case $69.12   $17.28 SG-03-1 Sure Glide Shave Cream 1   gallon case $24.28   $24.28 you will get heaps of hot lather from each 8ounce bottle of hot lather concentrate and the machine will quickly pay for itself.  Stop throwing away cans and save your money.  Lather King ECO-Smart Hot Lather Machine Item# Product Name       Quantity Price LM-0222    Lather King Hot Lather Machine 1 count $287 LKC-02-12 8 oz shave cream concentrate 12 ct/cs $78 LKC-02 8 oz shave cream concentrate 1 count $12 LKCL-711 8 oz machine cleaner 12 ct/cs $78 Brand-name shave creams We not only make the best no-foaming shave cream in the world, we stock every store brand there is. If you do not see what you want on our site, give us a call and we will will answer all your questions. Jade Distribution also carries bulk razers.