A line of subheading text shower curtains, caps wet bags & spa slippers © 2017Jade Distribution, Inc  (800)785-5233 We can get just about any color and style of shower curtains and liners. Please call your rep at Jade to get exactly what you are looking for. Basic Shower Curtains (not shown) Packed 12 per case and are available in White or Champagne. They have no side hems and top and bottom hems are heat-sealed for strength. They have 2 layers of vinyl and a reinforcing layer of tough nylon mesh. All curtains have a smooth, rustproof, two-piece anodized aluminium grommets. Item # SC-12 units per case $113.99/case 6’ X 6’ If you need a special color or size, let us know, we can get exactly what you need.  Just give us a call! Shower Caps Our shower caps come individually packaged in a colorful box. 100 caps per case Item# SC-100  $37.80 per cs Spa slippers by the case Reusable, can sanitize and sturdy foam slippers. Available in white, black, pink, sage, green, blue and yellow. Item# SAL-250 250 pairs per case $205.80 per case Item# SAL-250 Wet Bags on a Roll & Racks 11” X 19” bags are a great amenity for your guests. They can be used for wet bathing suits and other soiled clothes. Wet bags can also be used as light injury ice bags. Item# WB-6K 4-1500 rolls per case $159.60 per case per/cs Wall-Mounted, Chrome Wet Bag Holder Item# WB-DSP $37.80 each