bath salts spa line © 2017Jade Distribution, Inc  (800)785-5233 You only need to order 12 of each product to take advantage of free logo printing Oriental Green Tea Moisture Soak Green Tea extracts combine elegantly with salts from the dead sea, and generous amounts of ancient lake-bed crystals to create this relaxing green tea soak. Epsom Salts help rejuvenate sore and tired muscles and pure Aloe Vera gel helps re-hydrate your beautiful skin.  Item # SL-BS-GT 12 - 8oz units per case $6.25 each unit Oceans Gifts with Atlantic Kelp Medium grain Pure Pacific Sea Salt blended with mineral rich salts from the Dead Sea play host to Atlantic Kelp in this special formula. Handfuls of crystal salts from ancient Lake Lahonton further enhance this product leaving your skin silky smooth. # SL-BS-OG 12 - 8oz units per case $6.25 each unit Splash of Citrus and Ginger A splash of pure lime extract combines with fragrance of Ginger in this invigorating blend. Surround yourself with a botanical garden of soothing relief. Item # SL-BS-CG 12 - 8oz units per case $6.25 each unit Clean Rain Revitalizing Bath Salts This pure and natural blend will leave you relaxed and revitalized. The fresh herbal scent will take you away as you enjoy this special moisturizing blend of selected ingredients from around the world. Mineral rich Dead Sea salts combine with Epsom Salts, Ancient Lake Bed Salts, Pacific Sea Salts, Pure Aloe Vera and botanical extracts in this relaxing blend. Item # SL-BS-CR 12 - 8oz units per case $6.25 each unit Clean Rain, Oceans Gifts with Atlantic Kelp, Splash of Citrus and Ginger, Oriental Green Tea Moisture Soak 4 -10 pound Tubs per case $98 per case 200 pound drum $450 500 pound drum $650 If you are interested, we also stock many other bath salts not listed on this site. We can get any jar in plastic and glass and can custom label anything. Some of the other salts we stock and can quote are - Fleur de Sel, Celtic Sea Salt, Hawaiian Pure Sea Salt, Alaea Hawaiian Salt, Black Hawaiian Sea Salt, Utah Mineral Salt, Pura Vida Mayan Sea Salt, Mediterranean Sea Salt, Pure Flake Salt, Cyprus Flake Salt, Non-Scented Natural Salts, Custom Bath Salts, Dead Sea Salts, Epsom Salts, Custom Foot Soaks & Pedicure, Salt Scrubs & Sugar Scrubs, Bath Salt Packaging - PLEASE let us know if you need anything special!