bath soaks spa line © 2017Jade Distribution, Inc  (800)785-5233 Rose and the Dead Sea Soak Combining mineral rich salts from the Dead Sea with the healing power of roses leads to one amazing soak. This soak is recommended for sensitive and dry skin. This aromatic blend of aloe vera and English Rose scent is both calming and aroma- therapy. Item# JD-SF-10 10 pound size $75 Item# JD-SF-20 20 pound size $115 Sweet Skin Soak This special formula is intended to help relax tired and aching muscles an help bring you tired and aching body back to life. The ingredients in this soak will not only leave your skin smooth and soft but can leave you feeling vibrant after your soak.   For thousands of years the healing power of milk soaks have been known to help feed your skin and help make it silky smooth. It is rumored that Cleopatra enjoyed soaks in baths of milk as part of her secrets to her unmatched beauty. Now the secret is out and Sweet Skin Soak has taken it one step further. This special milk bath is blended with pure milk powder and infused with other calming ingredients that will make your skin silky soft. Sweet Skin will soften your skin with the power of Epsom salts, coconut milk, essential oil of eucalyptus, Ginseng root, bamboo powder, honey powder and peppermint. Shelf Life: 12 Months if kept sealed Crystal Size: Coarse Usage: One cup per bath Sweet Skin Muscle Soak Item# JD-SF-2 2   pound size $23 Item# JD-SF-10 10 Pound size $74 Item# JD-SF-20 20 Pound size $105 Pink Sherpa Body Soak This body soak is 100% pure pink Himalayan salt that has been mined from ancient sea beds hidden inside the Himalayan mountains. Over 84 minerals and elements are found in this salt and it is considered to be the highest quality salt on earth. Himalayan salts have been used for thousands of years as a holistic treatment for increasing circulation, muscle soreness, joint pain and as a relief for dry, damaged and irritated skin. Your skin will love you when you soak it in Jade Body Spa Pink Sherpa - 100% Pure bath crystals. 8 oz Item # SL-PS-03 12 units per case $11.50 per unit Pink Sherpa Himalayan Salts are available in several bulk sizes for SPA treatments. Item# PS-SL5   5 pound size $42 Item# PS-SL5 10 pound size $64 Item# PS-SL5 25 pound size $140 Item# PS-SL5 50 pound size $225 Pampered Foot Detox & Soak You only need one large scoop of Pampered Foot Detox & Soak in your foot soak bath to detoxify, soften and naturally cleanse your tired feet. Your feet will love you for using Jade Body Spa Pampered Foot Detox & Soak. 21oz Item # SL-PF-03 12 units per case $12 each unit Item# SL-PF510 pound size$64 Item# SL-PF1020 pound size$90