your logo liquid products spa line © 2017Jade Distribution, Inc  (800)785-5233 You only need to order 12 of each product to take advantage of free logo printing Choose any Jade Body Spa product we make and we will fill it into the bottle you want. A custom retail line has never been this easy. YOUR LOGO on our Spa Line Retail Products. Minimum of only 12 per product type! Rounded 16 ounce #SL-R16OZ 12-16 oz units per case $7.75 each Rounded 32 ounce #SL-R32OZ 12-32oz units per case $8.75 each Dome 8 ounce (left) #SL-D8OZ $5.75 each Dome 16 ounce (right) #SL-D16OZ $6.75 each Foam 18 ounce #SL-F18OZ $7.25 each Bottle 9 ounce #SL-T9OZ $5.25 each